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[edit] Email Addresses (merging a second email address onto your existing account error)

February 28, 2008

Sometimes when you try to add a new email address to your Warfish account Warfish will not let you enter on the Settings > Account > Add Email page because there is "already an account using that email address" even though there is no account that you have used with that email address.

This happens because Warfish remembers all email addresses that have been invited by any of your friends even if you did not accept the invitation to that email address. So it is possible that your other email address got invited and you didn't notice.

[edit] So how do you fix this situation?

A new feature has been added when you register a new email address from and invite (or from a forgot password request) that allows you to add the new email address to an existing account OR create a new account with it.

  1. Log out of Warfish.
  2. Go back to the Warfish login screen and click submit with a blank password field (it doesn't matter which email address you login with here.. existing one or new one)
  3. Now you should see another login screen with a forgot password link just below the password field. Click on the forgot password box
  4. Enter the new email address (i.e. the one that was not working in the Settings > Account > Add Email tool)
  5. You should then receive an email to that email address with a link that will allow you to either create a new account with that email address or add it to another account

Once you've successfully added the email address to your account it should appear in the drop down Settings > Account page, you should be able to login using it and you can select it as your primary if you wish to.

[edit] How do you prevent this situation?

If you add your common email addresses to Settings > Account > Add Email before one of your friends happens to enter it into a Create Game Table page to invite you this situation will not occur since Warfish will already know to associate the invite with your current account. So one way to help prevent this situation in the future is to enter you most commonly used email addresses beforehand.

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