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--Severene 12:28, 18 July 2008 (UTC) - I think alternate cards could be used in a variety of ways to really blow this game wide open. Here is an idea I had for different cards that do something besides give you a troop bonus:

  • Wall Card = +1 to defense bonus for one country.
  • Weapon Card = +1 to attack for one country.
  • Factory Card = +1 troops production increase for one country.
  • Cloak Card = Conceal troop count for one country.
  • Paratrooper Card = Allow troops from a country to attack any location on the map for 1 turn.
  • Force Field Card = Prevent one country from being attacked from any location for one turn.
  • Resolve Card = Doubles the defense or attack strength of a country for one round.
  • First Strike Card = Allow one country to attack without being stopped by any other cards for one round. Also ignores any bonus allowed by other cards.
  • Pillage Card = reduce troop production on a country by -1. (Or destroy a factory.)

Alternately another idea I had was to use regular cards to "purchase" these abilities to be placed on countries as the player so chooses. To limit things a bit you might say that each country is limited to X improvements. This could be something that map makers would have control over.

Feel free to add more improvements/upgrades here:

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