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Designer: Red Baron
Type: Novelty
Countries: 242 (Extra-Extra-Large)
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Antastic! is a simulated ant farm game which allows a player to act as the commander of an ant army. Players must fight their way through tunnels to conquer the various air pockets that make up the nest. Features on the gameboard include:

  • A large cavern (Color-coded blue, 5 extra armies per turn)
  • Chambers (Color-coded green, 4 extra armies per turn)
  • Rooms (Color-coded yellow, 3 extra armies per turn)
  • Holes (Color-coded orange, 2 extra armies per turn)
  • Pockets (Color-coded gray or uncolored, 1 extra army per turn)
  • Tunnels (Color-coded by length)

Antastic! is one of the most highly rated games on Warfish. It is a big map suitable for larger groups, but smaller groups can enjoy it, too.

[edit] Game Variations

One unusual aspect to this game is that it allows unlimited fortifies. This has the positive effect of permitting a very free flow of armies and the negative effect of creating a lot of busywork as armies are shifted. A recommended variation of the game (for hosts who are Plus members and have the ability to change the rules) is to limit the number of fortifies to a large but finite number such as 10, which will hold the busywork to a moderate level at the cost of some maneuverability.

The Flying Ants game mod provides a variation on the regular game that increases connectivity for speedier play. Pairs of flying ants have been added that provide connections between isolated sections of the board. There are four distinct pairs, pointing up, down, left, and right. Players may jump between spaces that have matching pairs.

The Killer Ants! game mod changes the attack dice to seven-sided, keeping the defense dice six-sided. This enhances the efficiency of attacks, which encourages players to be more aggressive. With this mod, games are likely to be quicker and livelier.

The Stealth & Bluff game mod adds fog for that extra subterranean realism. (After all, there's no lighting in those tunnels!) Abandon has also been turned on in this mod to add improve the possibilities of bluffing.

[edit] Tournaments

A number of people have launched Antastic tournaments. Because Antastic is a large game for many players, tournaments can last a very long time, so here are a few suggestions for hosts of future tournaments to help the games move more quickly:

  • Keep the number of players per game between 5 and 9. Fewer than 5 is non-optimum for the game and too much more than 9 extends the time between turns to an intolerable length when you have slow players.
  • Use the "Flying Ants" or "Killer Ants" mods rather than the standard mod. These mods are quicker to play.
  • Favor single elimination tournaments over double elimination. This reduces the number of tiers, which allows the tournament to end after a more reasonable length of time.

[edit] Versions

Version 1.3 was the original released version.

Version 1.3.1 fixes a graphical error in Tunnel D and makes a few other graphical enhancements.

Version 1.3.2 corrects a couple of other minor errors that had been discovered since the release of version 1.3.1 (in Tunnel C and Hole U). It also adds default names to all the mods.

Please note that the ranked game is locked to the original version and cannot be changed as Warfish is currently configured. (Sorry to those who have pointed out errors in the ranked game, but I can't fix them!) Players of ranked games should thus be aware that component "Tunnel D 3a" is part of Tunnel D and must be owned to get credit for that tunnel.

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