Australian Risk

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Australian Risk
Designer: Red Baron
Type: Geographical
Countries: 62 (Medium)
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Australian Risk is a version of the standard Risk playing board with five extra copies of the Australia continent added. It is thus quite similar to the standard game, except that it has 20 more countries and 5 more continents.

[edit] Variations

The default mod of the game is called "Australian Risk." Rules are the same as standard Risk with the following exceptions, which compensate for the larger gameboard:

  • Two fortifies (rather than a single fortify) are allowed.
  • An extra army is given for every four countries owned rather than every three countries owned.
  • Nine players are allowed rather than the standard six (or eight on the pre-beta board).

A second mod called "Aussie Risk (Large Groups)" is provided which has some different rule settings for games with more players. The escalation level has been reduced, and the game starts without neutrals.

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