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I believe there are a few cases in which it may be efficient to end a turn automatically that currently do not. I've experienced this myself and seen other people have the problem, in which they forget to end their turn, simply because they knew they couldn't do anything else. There are some cases where things are already automated. An example would be a game where the number of attacks is limited. Once the final attack is completed, the game automatically moves to fortifications.

There are cases where ending attack turns becomes unnecessary:

  • All of player's territories capable of attacking another territories have 1 army (and no reserve armies)

Similarly, there are cases where fortifying becomes unnecessary:

  • All of player's territories have 1 army
  • All of player's territories border territories to which they are unable to transfer (ie. enemy territories)

There might be other conditions that I am not remembering at the moment.

Yup, there are a couple instances when this "automatic turn ending" does occur (I believe about half a dozen of the most common cases are implemented), for example when you only have 1 transfer available and the game is NOT return to attack and you perform that 1 transfer. It was difficult to hunt down them all down (or overly complex) so the "Turn Still In Progress" email was added as a "catch all" for cases that were not covered. Is the "Turn Still In Progress" email helping at all in these situations? Basically there is a process that runs every 6 hours that checks to see if there are any "turn in progress"s on the site that have been there for between 1-24 hours and emails them if they have (the 24 hour cap is there to prevent you from continually getting emails day after day). I know it is a sort of a hack... what do you think? --Steven 15:50, 21 March 2008 (UTC)
I've received that email on occasion and think it a good solution to catching everything. To be honest, I find myself expending all of my available armies in attacks sometimes, and then I get annoyed when it still asks me to fortify. It's not a huge deal... just one of those minor nitpicking things that would be nice to be rid of someday. :) --FadeToOne 19:12, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

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