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It would be nice to know what a user's average turn time is for a specific game they're playing.

This may be a low priority enhancement. I would like to go the Details page for a specific game, click on a player, and in the information panel that comes up, include his average turn time for this game (in addition to his over all average turn time which is there currently).

The rationale behind this is when you're playing an opponent who is constantly flirting with the Boot Time Limit Period as a way to taunt their opponents (perhaps because his losing is a foregone conclusion) yet takes his turn in enough time to escape the direct boot process. This is especially prevalent in team games where his partner won't vote him off. It would be easier to bring this to a tournament admin's attention if there was some concrete proof of this.


PS - I'm currently in a 2v2 team tournament where our opponent is doing what I described above. His overall average is between 4 and 5 hours, so to consistently be taking 2-3 days per turn is a little suspicious.

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