Beta Hordes!

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Beta Hordes!
Designer: Reich
Type: Geographical
Countries: 42 (Medium)
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This is a world map with a set of rules and mechanics which totally change gameplay and strategy. Instead of trying to possess all the countries in a pre-set, outlined continent in order to receive bonuses; gamers receive 1 bonus army for every country they possess which is bordered only by countries they also possess.

All other rules are typical to the Basic Demo.

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[edit] Rules/Instructions

During your turn you will have the opportunity to perform these 3 actions in any order, and you will be able to switch back and forth between phases an unlimited number of times.

  1. Trade Cards
  2. Place units
  3. Attack
  4. Transfer

At the end of your turn if you have captured one or more territories during that turn you will receive a card.

[edit] Trade cards

Generally you will not need to do this until the middle of the game since you start with zero cards and it will take you at least three turns to get enough cards to have a even have a chance of trading them. There are three "suits" of cards and a wild card. Cards are traded in sets of 3. In order to trade a card set you must have:

  • one card of each suit
  • three cards of one suit

To check your cards or trade at the beginning of your turn (or anytime during the Place Units stage of your turn) click on the Cards Tab. This will display all the cards you currently have as well as the number of armies you will get for trading in a set. Once you have traded your cards they go into the discard pile and your new armies are added to your reserves to be placed during your Place Units stage.

[edit] Place Units

Each turn you will receive units based on what territories you occupy at the beginning of your turn. You receive 3 units at a minimum, plus an additional bonus unit for each Horded country you own. A country is considered Horded when you also own all of the countries adjacent to it.

[edit] Attack

Now that you have placed all your units you can choose to try to attack your enemies and capture their territories. To do so click on one of your territories (it must have 2 or more armies in it) and then click on an adjacent enemy territory. You can select how many units you want to attack with (up to 3).

[edit] Capturing a territory
After a successful attack you are allowed a "Free Transfer" to move more armies from the country you attacked from.
[edit] Eliminating Players
If you happen to capture a players last remaining territory he/she will be eliminated from the game. You will be rewarded with their cards. If you eliminate the last other remaining player you win!

[edit] Transfer

You are allowed three transfers of units from one of your territories to any adjacent territory that you also own. You may make these transfers at any time during your turn, and may return to placement or attack after making them. Once you have made 3 transfers, clicking done from the attack screen or the transfer screen will end your turn.

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