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Suggested by happyboy

[edit] Usage Situation

User gets invited to a tournament and is introduced to an awesome game board. Then it is difficult to start a new game using that game board with one's own friends. This is especially confusing when the game designer has not shared or listed the game for sale.

[edit] Solution

Add clear messaging on the Browse Tab > Game Board pages when a game board is not available for purchase nor shared.

extra credit- add in some promotion on the availability of a board on the Game Details page. This way if you like a game board you're playing on you can always easily figure out how to

  1. start a game with it.. if it is shared (or you own it)
  2. buy it
  3. know that it is not available for either

The availability info should appear on the Game Details > Map Details page.

--Steven 18:30, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

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