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MAIN CATEGORY (select only one)

  • Geographical - Based on maps of real places.
  • Fictional Worlds – Based on maps of places that don’t exist.
  • Classic - Based on the pre-beta board or the game of Risk.
  • Games – Based on board games or sports. (I moved maps based on video games to fictional worlds since they seemed to fit better there.)
  • Geometric – Known as "abstract" on the wiki, I think "geometric" is a more definitive characteristic.
  • Novelty - Games that don't fit in other categories.
  • Tactical - Games designed to simulate small-combat tactics, distinguished by advanced non-Risk gameplay features.
  • IMPORTANT: No board should be in more than one main category. Choose the best fit.

SKILL LEVEL (select only one)

  • Beginner – Standard rule set, bonus per 3 or 4 territories, traditional continents.
  • Intermediate – May include alternate bonus systems, border modifiers, nonstandard dice, BAO, or moderate fog, but not all at once. Examples: On the lower intermediate end of the scale, we have Mobs of New York, Doom's Crossed Maze; on the upper intermediate end of the scale, we have Electric Monk's Gold Rush. Anything more complicated than that should be advanced.
  • Advanced – May include extreme fog, or BAO combined with border modifiers, or combinations of several rules from the intermediate ruleset. Any board that requires stats to keep track of bonuses should be here. Any game that has many different types of border modifiers should be here. Any game that requires the player to look at the map details screen frequently should be here. Examples: Koprulu, Fallout, all the way up to ultra-advanced board like Helmsdeep.
  • IMPORTANT: See this post for a full discussion of skill levels.

BOARD SIZE (select a maximum of two)

  • 2-Player Duel
  • Small Groups (2 to 4 players)
  • Medium Groups (5 to 8 players)
  • Large Groups (9 players or more)
  • Teams Only (for games like Zombie Farm and Helmsdeep that require team play)
  • If more than two board sizes apply, choose the best two.

GAMEPLAY FEATURES (check multiple, but ONLY if the default mod includes the feature)

  • Standard Bonuses
  • Non-Standard Bonuses (including all the bonus structures below, as well as miscellaneous structures)
  • Hordes Bonuses
  • Supercontinents
  • Negative Bonuses
  • BAO
  • Fog
  • Terrain
  • Dice Modifiers (this would apply to border modifiers as well as to global dice modifiers; using the label dice modifiers is more clear to non-designers)
  • Warp Borders (borders between noncontiguous territories; is this the best name for it?)
  • One-Way Borders
  • Limited Attacks
  • No Cards
  • Abandon Territories
  • REMINDER: At the very least, every board should be tagged as either Non-Standard Bonuses or Standard Bonuses.

STYLE FEATURES (select one only)

  • Circle Style (small circles on a background, including all circle-mode maps as well as some fill-mode maps, e.g. Rosko; the difference between circle-mode and fill-mode matters to designers but to players this difference is invisible)
  • Territory Fill Style (territory colors bleed from border to border)
  • Icon Style (fill-mode icons on a separate background, e.g. Ribbon World, or hybrid style like Red Baron's Medieval Europe)

THEMES (check multiple)

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Islands
  • Arctic/Antarctic
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle East
  • World Map
  • Building (focused on one building, floor, room, etc.)
  • City (focused on one city)
  • State/Province (focused on one state)
  • Country (focused on one country)
  • Space
  • Fantasy & Horror
  • Historical
  • SciFi & Future
  • Video Games
  • Board Games
  • Sports
  • Books & Movies
  • Maze & Crossword
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