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Not that I'm complaining about getting a little money out of the bug, but I just had a board sale for a board that hasn't received any reviews. As far as I know it does not appear on the "Games for Sale" list.

I do see un-reviewed boards on the shared games list that have buy links. Is this intended functionality?

Perhaps I've just never encountered a plus member that was willing to buy a game that was freely shared.

That is very interesting.. actually the main restriction on the reviews before sales was to try to reduce the chance that a WF newbie would buy a board that is untested and have a bad user experience. That is why boards can't be listed in the "for sale" directory until they have some reviews.
Buying off the shared directory wasn't really thought through either way... wasn't really intentional behavior.. nor is it that "harmful"... what do you think? Would it make sense to take no display the buy links if it isn't in the "for sale" directory? I think there are 2 checkboxes on the Share page for a board "list in for sale directory" and "for sale" and the "for sale" checkbox turns on the Buy button... so for that board "list in for sale directory" is probably off.. and "for sale" is probably on... therefore displaying the Buy button. This behavior could be changed though if you think it is confusing / inconsistant --Steven 19:25, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

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