Bug: Border Mods Displaying Incorrectly on Details/Map

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There seems to be a discrepancy between the border modifier notation shown on the Details->Map tab and that shown on the History tab. For instance, on the Battlefield: Marathon board attacking from F04 to F05 the border modifier is shown as (a:+2,+3;d:+0,+0):

Attackable territories from F04: E04(a:+8,+6;d:+0,+0 info), E05(a:-4,-2;d:+0,+0 info), F03(a:+2,+3;d:+0,+0 info), F05(a:+2,+3;d:+0,+0 info), G04(a:+2,+3;d:+0,+0 info), G05(a:+8,+6;d:+0,+0 info)

However, when you actually make an attack, it shows up in the history as (a:+2,+0;d:+3,+0):

Reported by ajj20090328171943 Dec 1 2009

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