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I found a bug in the game designer, in the mod editing section. This was after I did the following:

1. Copied the mod "Ultimate Fishwar" to make a new mod, "Ultimate Fishwar - Escalating" 2. Overrode the Rules component in order to update it. 3. Changed a rule (rotating card set to escalating card set). 4. Locked the mod. 5. Realized I should have made one more change before locking the mod. 6. Tried to unlock the mod.

At this point I got the warning message: Other mods are including this mod can not unlink

Got this warning despite the fact that the page clearly says: If no games have been started you can unlock your mod and make changes

Clearly, the warning message is inaccurate. No other mods include the new mod that I just created. Since I did not start a game with the mod, I should be able to unlock it and modify it, as the page suggests.

(fixed -Steven 17:09, 24 October 2008 (UTC))

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