Bug: Server error in game history

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[edit] Problem

When viewing the game history in certain games Server Error was displayed

[edit] Analysis

Looks like this is happening only in fog games when territories expire to neutral. Here are 2 examples when this situation occurs:

  1. "fog" + "turn-based" + "allow abandon" + "keep possession" + "empty territories expire to neutral"
  2. "fog" + "BAO" + "allow abandon" + "keep possession is off" (just after pretransfer empty territories are expired).

[edit] Status

I think I just fixed this, but I will continue to monitor the situation. I've just set "expire to neutral" to be fogged out anytime you're in a fogged.. although technically when it is your territories expiring you should be able to see it.

--Steven 18:49, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

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