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[edit] The Issue: Stalled Tournies

I think there needs to be an option of changing a tournament host when the original tournament host isn't booting in a timely manner or when he/she hasn't even logged into Warfish for two or more weeks. (couple of examples: Middle East Mayhem tournie; Brainiac tournie)

I think having this option would be beneficial to those who enjoy playing in tournaments but are tired of trying to get the players within a game to boot that one player who has stalled the game, especially once it goes passed 2 weeks.

[edit] Solution

Enable the option to switch hosts once the original host has been inactive for a set period of time based on the boot time for the tournament. Once the host is inactive and the option to change is enabled, send an email to the top 5 active plus members within the tournament who have played a minimum of 100 games, have less than 5 total boots, and have an average turn time of less than 10 hours (or other similar requirements). Then those top 5 players can login to the tournament and choose to decline or accept the new host seat, and whichever one chooses to accept first becomes the new tournament host. --Step.On.Me

[edit] Discussion

Another way to address this issue would be to modify tournaments so that hosts are not really necessary once a tournament is running. You might, for example, have an autoboot feature where a player who exceeds the boot out time by a certain number of days (and has not declared vacation) gets booted by the system instead of needing a host boot or a unanimous player vote. You could also add a feature where if the majority of players have voted for something, the remaining players get a notice on their turn that says something like "The majority of players have voted to boot player Dictator. Do you concur? (YES button)(NO button)." This would encourage players to do their own booting rather than appeal to the host to do it.

If these two features were implemented, they would handle about 90% of what a host does, and absentee hosts would become less of a problem. --Red Baron 20:53, 28 August 2008 (UTC)

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