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Chomp [Pac-Fish]
Designer: Comrogue
Type: Games based on Games
Countries: 130 (Extra Large)
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Chomp, designed by Comrogue, is a two-player duel based on the arcade classic Pac-Man. It uses non-standard rules, including moderate fog and limited attacks.

[edit] Rules

The two players begin at opposite ends of the board. The limit of 7 attacks means that the players cannot attack each other on the first turn, so players should use the first turn to set up the board for the best offense and defense. Player 1 has the advantage of being able to determine the way the board opens. In order to offset this advantage, Player 2 receives 8 extra starting units. Bonuses are earned as follows:

  • +1 per 3 territories
  • +1 for each of the two cherry pellets, with an additional +2 for holding both
  • +3 for each ghost


  • -15 for each ghost if you lose your "star pellet" (this usually results in a lost game)

[edit] Gameplay

Players must adopt different strategies for the 1st Player and 2nd Player positions. Do you go for your opponent's ghost, or do you try to pick up extra pellets and a cherry? Win the game by opening up the board so that you have more options, while anticipating your rival's moves and closing down his or her options. The game has a steep learning curve. With inexperienced or unevenly matched players, games are often decided in the first three or four turns, and then it may take several more turns to finish the game because of the attack limit. With experienced and evenly matched players, games become more interesting and varied, but the luck of the dice often plays a big role at the important turning points in the game. If you lose a couple of key rolls, there is generally no opportunity for a comeback. Such is the world of Chomp.

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