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[edit] Basic Description

City Raider extensively uses border modifiers. The idea was inspired by the Red Baron's game, Hill Battle. Fighting up hill is very costly, with 2 to 1 casualty rates. However, attacking downhill provides a huge bonus where you destroy about 1 1/5 armies for every army you lose.

As such, this makes the "high ground" worth a lot. What is different between this board and most other boards is that the hills provide no bonus armies. The only bonus armies come from holding the cities. That is somewhat difficult to do because they can be attacked from the hills.

The game does not stalemate, but it can be slow. It can take many turns to wipe someone out if they go into a purely defensive game. One nice thing is that if you have a few bad turns, you can be a bit defensive and regroup your strength.

[edit] Major Versions

  • 1.7 The first open release. Many have sold. There is one substantial problem which I have created a mod to deal with. The value of the cards increase indefinitely. As such, campers can sit on a hill, taking one location a turn and get cards. The production for the other players is too low to overcome this, e.g. a player can have one country, the top of a hill and stay in the game indefinitely. The mod cycles the cards, 4, 6, 8, 10. Thus, the armies you get from the cities outweigh the benefit from the cards.
  • 1.12 Same basic design, but increased the number of cities. This was to increase the number of possible strategies.
  • 2.7 Major overhaul. I added caps on elevated locations. The peaks can only hold 5 while locations that can only be reached by attacking uphill can hold 15. Additionally, roads are attacked with standard odds, even if you are attacking downhill. I also redesigned the hills to make there be more variation in tactics. Finally, the cards escalate since sitting on a hilltop isn't a good strategy (because your units get capped)
  • 2.11 It makes the western road a bit harder to hold (broken into 3 parts) and made farview only be 2 units, not 3. It has abandoned territories set to revert to neutral at the end of your turn. Also, you must attack a territory that has armies (and win) to get a card. This greatly improves gameplay (less defensive.)


[edit] Request For Testing

Do you like this style board and want more? I could use a pool of people interesting and willing to try out tweaks on City Raider, Terrain and others. If you are interested, add your profile id here - or email to junk4 at pf-productions dot com

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  • marc20070213210514
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