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Connect Some
Designer: Reich
Type: Board Game
Countries: 43 (Medium)
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In Connect Some, the object is to eliminate the other player from the board. With a cap of 6 armies per country, offense will have only a small dice advantage. Instead, a player should try to accumulate as many bonuses as possible in order to overwhelm their opponent through raw numbers. Bonuses are gained by collecting sets of 4 spaces in a row.

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[edit] Rules/Instructions

During your turn you will have the opportunity to perform these 3 actions in any order, and you will be able to switch back and forth between phases an unlimited number of times.

  1. Place units
  2. Attack
  3. Transfer

[edit] Place Units

Each turn you will receive units based on what territories you occupy at the beginning of your turn. You receive 3 units at a minimum, plus an additional 3 bonus units for each set of 4 spaces you have in a row: Up/Down, Across, Diagonal.

You do not need to place all the armies you have on the territories you own before proceeding to attacking. You may return to placement at any time during your turn to put those reserve armies into play.

Countries have a limit of 6 armies each. You may not place or transfer armies in excess of 6 onto any country.

[edit] Attack

Now that you have placed all your units you can choose to try to attack your enemy and capture their territories. To do so click on one of your territories and then click on the adjacent enemy territory directly below it. You can select how many units you want to attack with (up to 3).
You may only attack straight down. When you get to the bottom row, you may attack the chip tray, which defends with a 1-sided die. The chip tray may, in turn, attack any space in the top row. From there you may recommence attacking down the columns.
[edit] Capturing a territory
After a successful attack you are allowed a "Free Transfer" to move more armies from the country you attacked from. Take care, as using the "Move All" option will leave your previous space empty and neutral -- possibly breaking your own bonuses.
[edit] Eliminating Players
If you eliminate the other player... you win!

[edit] Transfer

You are allowed one transfer of units from one of your territories to any territory directly below it, that you also own. Once you have made your transfer, clicking "Done" from the attack screen or the transfer screen will end your turn.

[edit] Special Rules

Any space may only attack the space immediately below it, with the exception of the Chip Tray. The Chip Tray may be attacked by any space in the bottom row, and may attack to any space in the top row. The Chip Tray is virtually indefensible, so it is not recommended that a player leave armies in the tray.
Players may abandon spaces, but an abandoned space will become neutral as soon as it is empty.
Moderate Fog is on to hide unit counts.
Cards are not used in this game.

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