Constellations Vol. I

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Constellations Vol. I
Designer: Step.On.Me
Type: Novelty
Countries: 60 (Medium)
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Constellations Vol. I is my first installment of several constellation boards that I've designed for Warfish. It was published on 10/24/2008 after quite a few changes were made, which is also why it's v1.3.

The continents are based on star constellations, and each country's name is a star within the constellation.

This board includes the following constellations:
Andromeda, The Chained Princess/Maiden
Cygnus, The Swan
Pegasus, The Winged Horse
Delphinus, The Dolphin
Sagitta, The Arrow
Equuleus, The Little Horse
Aquila, The Eagle

If you haven't played on this board, you should. If you have played on this board, feel free to write a review for it.

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