Constellations Vol. III

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Constellations Vol. III
Designer: Step.On.Me
Type: Novelty
Countries: 43 (Medium)
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Constellations Vol. III is my third installment of several boards, which was added on 05/11/08. The continents are based on star constellations, and each country's name is a star within the constellation with the only exception on this board being where I added *no star point* to Cancer since I was unable to find a star to complete this constellation accurately.

This board includes the following constellations:
Leo Minor, The Little Lion/Lion Cub
Leo, The Lion
Cancer, The Crab
Gemini, The Twins
Canis Minor, The Little Dog/Lesser Dog

If you haven't played on this board, you should. If you have played on this board, feel free to write a review for it.

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