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A lot of my maps needs a lot of play testing and tweaking to make a usable game. I think this is because I am using lots of border mods, abandon and limits. Thus, the "normal" amount of testing in inadequate for me, and I end up doing a lot of revisions (e.g. lots of testing, then opening it up to the public, and seeing minor issues after 50 games, then making a fix). While, this can be done with mods, that only goes so far. At some point, it is better to copy the board and start anew, especially when the game changes a lot because ranked games need a new board.

What would save a lot of time is to allow people to copy mods from one board to another. This could cause some strange things when the maps are not the game (e.g. I copy a pre-beta mod onto a city raiders board). Since the cid do not match, all sorts of things would be messed up. However, let the user beware (e.g. don't do this unless you know what you are doing - maybe using experience levels).

Another way to deal with it is to allow the mod to be down/up loaded. Thus, you could download a text file that has all the mod specifications. Then you upload it to the other board.

One safety check you could do is required the number of territories be identical. That would probably avoid unstable mods.

- Theep 18:42, 26 July 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Discussion

  • Perhaps making it such that when you copy a board, it copies all the associated mods with it. Then you can edit both the board and the mod as much or as little as needed, and the problem of copying a mod for one map onto another is prevented. I would certainly support that. - Reich
  • I definitely agree with this enhancement request and Reich's suggestion. - Wallace Wishmaster
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