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Note: This suggestion was initially titled "Creation of clubs," but I changed it to "guilds" to disambiguate. --FadeToOne 17:23, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

How about the creation of clubs (a sort of team of teams)? I would love to be able to team up again with some people I played with (and at that time, our team had been created at random.) To make it less confusing, we could call it "clubs" and it could be a group of 20 people (or 50?) that get along, and decide to "socialize" in that way. Then, we could have tournaments opposing clubs. Each club could have a captain who would team up his members. Once again, this idea comes from "gameknot" (a great chess website), where there are teams and captains. I think this would work great with warfish.

Submitted by Ygh101 23:14, 30 December 2007

I like the idea of this. I would like to get some more specifics of how this feature would work.
Can I belong to more than on Club/Guild at the same time? Hmm.. it sounds like you one should only be part of one at a time so that when two Club/Guilds enter into a game one doesn't have the issue of which team they are playing in.
The purpose is to create a sort of "Team" just so that you can have a pool of people to team up with in tournaments and team vs team games, but it is not to play games against people within Club/Guild itself. Correct?
Can someone switch to a different Club/Guild? If so, how often? Does there need to be a history of guilds that someone has belonged to?
How many Club/Guild leaders would there be? What happens if they all go dormant?
--Steven 04:58, 15 April 2008 (UTC)
--Severene 15:44, 22 July 2008 (UTC)- I would say that players may only belong to one guild at a time. On creation of a guild the one creating the guild would have to seek approval from Steven for the Guild Name. People would then apply to that guild and either be accepted or denied by the leader of that guild. The guild leader could then create officers that could assist him with the operation of the guild such as accepting or denying further applications in his absence. Players can leave a guild at any time but must apply to any further guilds.

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