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Create an option in "Settings - Account" next to Display name that allows your Display name to be loaded by default into the "Your In-Game Name:" box when creating or joining a new game.

[edit] Discussion Post 2

Thank you Step.On.Me for this detailed feature description. You really did a great job, the screen shots made it very clear what you were thinking.. and therefore easy to add to the site. I went ahead and added something along those lines, but requiring one extra click. I figured it might be more clear too keep the error messages like (igname already exists, etc on the Quickpick>>Ingamenames page). Please let me know what you think. It is on the live website, but also here is a screen capture:


Oh also that link only shows up of (a) you have a display name and (b) if you are a plus member (which is because access to the ingamename quickpick list is a plus feature... not sure if that makes sense.. but figured I would just address one thing at a time and implement your idea first consistently with how things work on the site.. then once this is perhaps revisit the whether quickpick ignames should be plus only).

--Steven 01:26, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Discussion Post 1

I think to reiterate what Myrkron is saying, this is what is currently on the Settings/Account tab:

If you change your display name here, it does not automatically make that your default in-game name when you create or join a game, which is displayed here:

As it is right now, in order to change your default in-game name, you have to go to Settings/Quickpick/In-Game Handles.

It would be cool to have an option right below or next to your display name on the Account tab to make it the default, so perhaps an option could be made available to set it as such. Something like this perhaps:

--Step.On.Me 03:12, 24 January 2009 (UTC)

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