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The Design Tool is used to create game designs that can be played on Warfish. All the game boards on Warfish (including the Sample games) have been created using this tool. Once you have signed up for a Plus Membership you can access the Design Tool by clicking on the Design tab.


[edit] Your first game design (estimated time 15 minutes)

This introductory guide provides a quick 15min walk-through to get you started creating / playing your first game using the Warfish Design Tool.

[edit] Step 1. Create your new board

Getting started is easy. After clicking on the Design Tab for the first time you will see an empty "Board List." (this is because you haven't created any boards yet). To create your first game design click on the "New Board" tab and then click on the "Create New Board" button. Leave all the options as default for now, you can always change them later in the board editor. You should see a confirmation page indicating that you've created a new board. At this point you can return to the Board List where you should see your new board or you can click on "Edit new board" to jump directly into the Game Editor.

[edit] Step 2. Add some territories

At the top of the Game Editor there is a list of tabs to modifiy different aspects of the game. First, let's start working in the Map Tab and them move onto some other aspects of the game. On the Map tab there is a menu of tools you can use to design your map. The first step to creating a map is to add some territories to it. Click on "Countries: Add" to get started. This brings you to the "add countries" tool where you can create and place territories. Type in a sample territory name (for example "HelloA") and then click on a location in the map area to place it. You've just create your first territory. Create three more countries (name them "HelloB", "HelloC" and "HelloD") before clicking on "Done adding countries" to return to the Map Tab, each country must have a different name.

[edit] Step 3. Add some borders

At this point you have several countries but they are not connected in any way. Lets add some borders to your new game. Click on "Borders: Add" on the Map Tab tools menu. Click on three of the territories that you have created (for example "HelloA", "HelloB", "HelloC" then click on the button "Add Borders". The first territory you click on is then connected to each of the following territories you click on. Finally click on the last unconnected territory to connect it to a couple of the other territores and click on "Done adding borders". Every territory must be connected by a border before you can play your game.

[edit] Step 4. Add a continent

Continents allow you to specify certain areas of the map where players are awarded bonus units for occupying. Click on "Continents: Add" to go to the Continents Tool. Now click on two of your territories. At this point you'll be provided with a dialog to name your continent and specify how many units a player will receive for occupying it. Type in a name and a numeric value of the number of units and then "Add Continent". Click on "Done adding continents" to return to the Map Tab. Now just under the map image you should also see your continent displayed there. Clicking on it while on the Map Tab will highlight which countries are in that continent.

[edit] Step 5. Add a legend

The final step in creating your first game is to add a game Legend so players can easily identify which color they are. Click on the "Legend: Add/Edit" tool. Once in the Legend Edit tool just click on a location on your map where you would like to position your legend and then click on "Done adding map legend". You can click on another location before clicking on "Done adding map legend" if you want to reposition the legend.

[edit] Step 6. Lock your map and Play!

That is it you've just designed your first Warfish game. All you have to do now is Lock your map from further changes by returning to the "Board List" and then invite someone to Play. You can do this by clicking on "Back to Board List" or just clicking on the "Design" tab link at the top of the page. In the right hand column of the Board List there are some actions listed click on "Lock". This will bring you to a screen where you can lock your board. Once you have locked it you will not be able to edit it any more, but a "Play" link will appear in the Actions column of the Board List. Click on "Play" and you will be able to start a game table using your new design!

That is basically all there is to creating a game on Warfish. Check out the other Game Design Tutorials to learn more about other tools/techniques you can use while designing your games.

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