Doom's Alagaësia

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[edit] Player Review

This board is really easy to get used to. The borders are well pronounced and the different continents are interesting. It seems like a pretty balanced game and the background just looks great.

Love it!

Regards, evgon

[edit] About

Eragon has left to battle the forces of evil again. The Urgals have taken advantage of his absence and taken control of the lands. They rape, pillage, and destroy nearly everything in their path. The people of Alagaësia have elected you to become their champion.

Peasants from around the lands have risen to your cause forming an army of admirable size. Lead them against the onslaught of the ferocious Urgals. All of Alagaësia, and all of Warfish, is counting on you to save them.

Are you up to the challenge?

[edit] Strategy

This map plays very similar to the normal basic maps that from most of Warfish. The continents are defined by a black border, so all bonuses are easily defined.

As for strategy, you might think about acquiring one if not both of the island bonuses that are placed on the left side of the board. They are easy to get, and offer a nice unit advance early on in the game.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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