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[edit] Player Review

The best thing about this board is that it is a Doom creation, but that is closely followed by the fact that the territory borders are so well planed out. Hard to keep up the bonuses without overwhelming force because of the genius placement of the islands in the middle. Easy to be a bonus swiper (if you like that style of play) and with a good plan, you can sweep through lots of players on your way to victory! I had a great time playing and it may rival Myths & Legends as my favorite 6+ player board! I know how hard it is to match gameplay ideas with graphics but Doom succeeds everytime!

Regards, RiskyBack

[edit] Awards

Crescent Isle is currently one of the most Highly Rated Games on Warfish.

[edit] About


In a land overrun by tyranny and iron fist rule, Heroes have arisen to crush the impending darkness that spreads throughout the lands. It is up to you, Players of Warfish, to aide these heroes in their time of need.

Take your armies across the lands to bring order to the realms once again. The trials ahead will be difficult and sometimes deadly, but with perseverance and willpower you will come out victorious.

Good luck Warfish Players, you will need it.

[edit] Strategy

This is more of a basic "what you see is what you get" type of board. The continents are arranged to form a Crescent, so take that into consideration when planning attack paths.

Also, please note the large number of borders the center islands connect to. These territories serve as a junction where many of the board’s bonuses can connect with each other.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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