Doom's Foulspring Dungeon

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[edit] Player Review

This map is AWESOME! So easy to play. Lots of nice choke points, good bonuses, very funny cards, bonuses build quickly, keeping the game exciting. This may be my favorite board so far.

Regards, MacD

[edit] Awards

Foulspring Dungeon is currently one of the most Highly Rated Games on Warfish.

[edit] About


The hidden home of the most notorious criminals this world has yet to witness. Make your way through the dungeon fighting off the various sinister villains that try to gut you from the inside out. Oh, and avoid the occasional pedophile along the way, they get lonely awfully quick.

Each Prisoner Cell is worth a +1 bonus, and owning each Detention Block gives you a +3 bonus.

And Light Fog of War is on, so who knows how many criminals might be around the next corner...

[edit] Strategy

This board can be described in two words: Funny and simple. I am very pleased with the end result, as I was trying to create a more humorous board in contrast to my usual serious/epic boards. From the choice of color names to the hilarious array of card images featuring famous criminals, this board should be able to make you smile at least once.

But as for strategy, I suggest acquiring at least one center block of a cell early on in the game. They are a small one unit bonus for each one, and it helps when acquiring the entire cell block of that area.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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