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[edit] Player Review

Designing game boards is difficult, I know. I get tired to seeing the world map over and over again made by different people. I really enjoyed this board by Doom. Anything that is different that the standard is always fun. It was challenging coming up with a strategy and that what makes it fun. Plus you get to color Link in! Great job, Doom! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Regards, Imperator

[edit] Awards


[edit] About

Welcome to LINK!

The hero of Hyrule has returned in his most epic Warfish adventure yet! Gain control of Link and so he can continue his quest to find the pieces of the TriForce and defeat Ganondorf and save Princess Zelda!

Good Luck!

Note: Although it isn't apparent, all of Link's arm pieces connect to each other and so forth.

[edit] Strategy

This map, I admit, is not one of my best. It revolves around more of an artistic appeal rather than the savage warfare of our common Warfish boards. This is probably why the board hasn’t gotten much attention since its release, not that many artistic types here on Warfish I guess…

Anyway, as for strategy, I suggest going for… well, pretty much anything. All the bonuses are near the same size and compare in difficulty to obtain. The only tricky bonus on the board is the Master Sword, which does give a +10 bonus, but is hard to obtain.

This board is pretty straight-forward, the only non-obvious aspect is the boarders. However, think of them as actually being on a body. The torso connect to the neck, the neck connect to the head and so forth. The same goes with every part of the body, including the arms.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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