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[edit] Player Review

Well you're caught with yet another great board design. This one played really well as a team map. A good combination of give and take from/with your own team. Some good choke points with the dice play. I think that this will play really well as a tourney map with around 128 players, or team tourney with 256. Once again well done DOOM, keep it up. You keep making them I will keep playing them. Thanks again.

Regards, Dork

[edit] Awards

Middle Earth is currently one of the most Highly Rated Games on Warfish.

[edit] About

Welcome to MIDDLE EARTH!

The lands are once again in peril. Sauron has risen to power once again and has engulfed the world with a devastating rage.

It's up to you to rally your armies and seize control of the lands once more and bring peace to Middle Earth...

SPECIAL BORDERS: The Sea of Rhun connects to Lake Griness through an undersea cavern. Isengard can attack Helms Deep directly.

SPECIAL DICE MODIFIERS: Isengard attacks with seven-sided dice. Helms Deep defends with eight-sided dice. Minas Tirith defends with eight-sided dice. The Black Gate defends with eight-sided dice. Shelob's Lair defends with four-sided dice.

[edit] Strategy

This is by far my most popular map. Whether you read the books, watched the movies, or wrote and directed your own version of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, you will be impressed by this map.

The board generally plays with the usual pattern, even gameplay and attacks sometimes get predictable if you look at the border lines.

However, there are a few “modified” territories which can alter the outcome of the game if used to your advantage. They are all mentioned in the About section, just make sure you do not forget about them, especially the hidden borders.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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