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[edit] Player Review

Once again, Doom's boards are amazing. Great detail, clear continents, balanced play, cool cards, awesome skin. I love Doom's circle-fill maps too, because people seem to look down upon circle-fill, but i think some boards are just better that way. I like that Doom has both. I also like that there are little to no tricks in learning his boards. They don't have tons of hidden paths, boosted attack, or weird bonuses. They look great, play great, and are easy to learn.

Regards, The Jigler

[edit] Awards


[edit] About

Welcome to TAMRIEL!

Let the Nine Divines guide you on your quest to conquer the lands of Nirn. The Septim throne has weakened, and the armies of the Emperor have diminished under the onslaught of Malacath The Devil-King.

Build your armies and capture each territory one by one until absolute victory is yours.

Will YOU be the next Emperor?

[edit] Strategy

Well this is a straight forward map if you’ve ever seen one. Continents are clearly defined, everything is balanced, and no particular strategy is better than another.

Consider this board much as you would the Beta board. Whatever strategy you normally use for that, will probably have the same effect on this board. No tricks this time.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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