Doom's Western Edge

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[edit] Player Review

This is a cool and original map. It looks great and has great game play. Things can turn on a dime because of the reach of the two "Great Monsters". THANKS!

Regards, El Gregio

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[edit] About


From the western seas the might island nation of Yokuda has launched an attack upon the peaceful lands of Tamriel. In a flash, the countries of Nirn are once again at each other's throats as they compete for dominance.

To make matters worse, the Great Whale and the Leviathan have awakened and are destroying the nearby coasts and islands.

Who will emerge as the next ruler of Nirn? Will it be YOU?

SPECIAL AREAS: Both the Great Whale and the Leviathan attack with eight-sided dice.

[edit] Strategy

The trick to this board lies mostly with the eastern side of the map. This is where the sea monsters both lie, which are a bonus of themselves if held by a player. However, the sea monsters have to ability to attack many different areas with an 8 sided die. A favorite strategy of mine is to stack hoards of units on the monsters and then attack every possible territory from there giving myself a wide area of protection at a low cost of units.

As for an easy win of the game, try your best to acquire the entire eastern side of the board. Once taken, it can be easily defended by the sea monsters nearly securing yourself a twenty unit bonus altogether. This may be hard to do though, especially if other players are employing the same techniques.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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