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[edit] Player Review

This board is amazing!!! I just finished a hella long game with two very skilled players and the board allowed for some of the sickest gameplay I have ever had on Warfish! The game went back and forth so many times. I thought I was done for at least three times but ended up coming back. Overall, great setup, great bonuses, and great gameplay. Bravo good sir!

Regards, ShortRound

[edit] Awards

World of Warcraft is currently one of the most Highly Rated Games on Warfish.

[edit] About

Welcome to WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Warfish Edition)

Take your band of merry travelers across the lands to either:

A) Bring peace to a doomed world.

B) Bring chaos to a peaceful world.

C) Fight people, get famous and get girls.


[edit] Strategy

This is a standard large gameboard for Warfish with no hidden surprises. All continents are clearly marked, and the borders are basically every adjacent country.

The only special aspect of this board is the special one territory bonuses that are scattered throughout the board. They are all marked with a black circle, so identifying them is easy. Try getting a few of them early on in the game to give you a nice unit bonus in the first five turns or so.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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