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[edit] Player Review

This board like all of the other DOOM boards lives up to expectations. My favorite part is the ability to surprise your enemy using the wyrmholes, also making it almost impossible create a chokepoint. Another great part is that the cards do not overwhelm you when turning in. It truly is more about taking the territories and expanding like a real RISK board. Overall I gave it a 5, but that is only because I couldn't rank it higher!

Regards, Beastlymaster

[edit] Awards

Wyrmholes is currently one of the most Highly Rated Games on Warfish.

[edit] About


During the time when dragons ruled the world, an ancient war sought to tear the lands apart. The six Dragon Kings battled for dominance of the ultimate prize: control of the Sacred Grounds, where the first dragon was born.

But the Sacred Grounds cannot be reached by contemporary means. Each of the six Dragon Kings has unearthed a mystical Wyrmhole, a portal between dimensions providing instantaneous travel. These Wyrmholes are interconnected by an ancient cosmic energy, and the only way to reach the Sacred Grounds is to travel through one…

Take command of your Dragon army and wage war against your rivals to claim the tremendous power of the Sacred Grounds as your own. Absolute victory is nearly within your reach…

[edit] Strategy

The grey rings in each continent are the Wyrmholes, and each Wyrmhole can directly attack any other Wyrmhole on the map, regardless of position. Use these points to move your armies swiftly across the board or to send a small task force to disrupt an enemy bonus.

Gameboard Designed by: Doom

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