Double elim tournaments should have an extra game

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reported by ckre20081024214407

i just played a double elimination tournament. I won every game until the
final round. Losing the final round, I still only had one loss, while the
guy that beat me had one loss as well.
This should be changed so that if the loser of the final round still only
has one loss, a rematch ensues since both players now have one loss.
Otherwise, it is not really a double-elimination tourney, is it? It's
fair to the guy that goes undefeated into the final round and loses.

This was reported nearly a year ago, which was moved from the Warfish Wiki Message Board:

I ran a tournament, and it finished with the winner of the loser bracket
beating the winner of the winners bracket.... The tournament says it is
finished, but does not declare a winner. I would think that the winner
of the loser bracket would then need to play again to determine the champion,
since the person who lost only has 1 loss...Hopefully this makes sense.
-  Tim --Fozzie33 18:20, 20 February 2008 (UTC)

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