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If you have an interesting idea for an enhancement to Warfish, add it to the list below with your ID (type "--~~~~" to have the wiki automatically insert your ID and time) and then jot down the details on a new page. There's no telling if or when your idea will ever be implemented, but it can't hurt to try (check out Recent Enhancements to see some that were implemented). To find out more about how to get your suggestions done check out Tips on adding a suggestion.

Thanks to FadeToOne for setting up great way to make feature suggestions.


[edit] [A] General Enhancements - Enhancements to the Warfish website

[edit] [B] Gameplay Enhancements - Enhancements that effect game play

[edit] [C] Game Designer Enhancements - Enhancements to help out game board design

[edit] [D] Bugs - Problems that appear to be unintended functionality

[edit] [E] FlashUI Bugs - Issues that affect playing using the flash UI

[edit] [Z] Unlikely or Unnecessary Enhancements - Enhancements that are unnecessary or too difficult to implement

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