Food Chain

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Food Chain
Designer: Red Baron
Type: Novelty
Countries: 64 (Medium)
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Food Chain is a game based on the cycle of life. Various plants and animals are placed in a hexagonal grid, and one-way borders are assigned such that the various creatures can only attack the creatures they would consume in real life.

The current edition of the game is based on the 2008 American presidential election, with the candidates for president and vice-president standing in for the human race.

[edit] Gameplay

The following rules of movement apply to the game:

  • In general, creatures attack what they normally consume.
  • Humans attack everything.
  • Carnivores attack any other animal.
  • Herbivores attack any kind of plant.
  • Plants attack bacteria (which represents a return to the soil).
  • Bacteria attack anything but bacteria.
  • Democrats and Republicans can attack each other at any distance.
  • The donkey and elephant political logos behave like the animals they represent, and also like the political party they represent.
  • Sarah Palin can attack any large Alaskan mammal. (In exchange for this extra hunting prowess, she is vulnerable to attack from a large Alaskan mosquito.)

As a visual cue, small attack arrows are placed in each hex which indicate the sides from which that hex can be attacked.

The gameboard wraps, with movement permitted off the side of the board and onto the opposite side.

"Hordes" style bonuses are given. This means that an extra army is provided for each hex you own in which you also own all the hexes surrounding it. These bonuses are given even when the adjacent hexes wrap around to another side of the board.

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