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If you are new to this is the article is for you. It is meant to be a quick introduction to to get you up and playing.


[edit] Looking for how to get a Wiki ID?

If you are new to WarfishWiki and want to learn how to get started on WarfishWiki check out WarfishWiki:Community_Portal

[edit] Quicklinks

Here are some helpful links if you just want to dive right in

[edit] Signing Up / Registering

First off you need an account on Warfish. If you already have a Warfish account/password you can skip on to the next section. If you don't have a Warfish invite already and don't know anyone who is already on Warfish don't worry you can signup by requesting an invite. There are a bunch of folks out there who have created signup/request invite links and added them to their sites. Often times they can even help you get started on Warfish. Here are a couple I found while searching for "warfish request invite" on Google:

If you find other others or want to post your own site here please do (create your custom signup url here). Once you verify your email address and request an invite you'll be introduced to Warfish by another Warfish member. It is still a great way to be start off since you'll be playing against someone who already has experience playing. Btw, your email address will remain private.

[edit] Getting Started

Warfish is an open wargaming platform, which means that all the games hosted here have been designed by other users. Unfortunately, this makes it a little confusing for newbies because there are so many different game boards and different game rules. To try to address this a beginner's board has been created, the Basic Demo Board (aka the "pre-beta Board"). With any luck the first game you've been invited to will be using this Basic Demo. If not you may want to start a parallel game using the Basic Demo board (here) to get up to speed more quickly.

The best way to learn on Warfish is to go ahead and play, make sure you go to the Warfish website when you have been notified it is your turn and just play through your turn until it indicates that the game is now "Waiting for other players". One tendency for new players is to not want to make any mistakes/dumb moves or to want to know all the rules before proceeding. On Warfish though usually their will be some messaging on the site to tell you want to click on or what to do... so go ahead and do so! Everyone had to go through the process of fumbling through their first game so don't sweat it and remember you're playing against another person so feel free to ask questions after you have finished your turn. AFTER you finish your turn, since other players won't be notified to return to the game until it is their turn and you don't want to hold up the game.

[edit] Finding out more information

One of the hardest things to get used to on Warfish is that the website is actually just hosting the various games being played here and you therefore have to rely on information provided by the game designers about their games. Each game board on Warfish should provide you with some information about the game in the board board About Tab, for example City Raiders About Tab and sometimes more indepth instructions in this wiki, for example City Raider

While playing your first couple games you'll want to refer to these game designer provided resources to learn how the game itself is to be played and use the User Guide and Reference Manual to find out more about how the Warfish website works. For example, if you want to know how to change your email notification settings you might want to check the User Guide or the Reference Manual, but if you want to find out more about how to play the game you're in you might want to check the Game Board About Tab or the ipdepth information in the Game Boards section.

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