Great Lakes

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Great Lakes
Designer: Red Baron
Type: Geographical
Countries: 61 (Medium)
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Great Lakes is standard Warfish map of the North American Great Lakes region.

It has two features that distinguish it from a typical Warfish map. First, it makes use of overlapping continents to give value to the lake shores as well as the states. Second, it explores the graphical idea of using roads to represent 'country' units rather than city circles or regional areas. It is otherwise a typical turn-based game, using no border modifiers.

The board was assembled from road maps of three different eras (one dating from the 1940's!), none of which showed the same set of roadways. The roads that ended up in the final map were thus chosen more for gameplay qualities than accuracy, and may not reflect modern highway configurations.

[edit] Strategy

Players should be aware that in order to get extra armies for controlling a lake, they must own all of the roadway on the shore of the lake. In other words, the lake must be completely encircled by the player in order to get credit.

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