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Hordes! Collectors Edition
Designer: Reich
Type: Geographical
Countries: 88 (Large)
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This is a world map with a set of rules and mechanics which totally change gameplay and strategy. Instead of trying to possess all the countries in a pre-set, outlined continent in order to receive bonuses; gamers receive 1 bonus army for every country they possess which is bordered only by countries they also possess. Other non-typical rules include a 20 army per country max, a 20 army bonus for eliminating another player, no cards, and the ability to switch back and forth between placement, attack, and transfer phases.

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Hordes! is currently one of the most highly rated games on Warfish.


[edit] Rules/Instructions

During your turn you will have the opportunity to perform these 3 actions in any order, and you will be able to switch back and forth between phases an unlimited number of times.

  1. Place units
  2. Attack
  3. Transfer

[edit] Place Units

Each turn you will receive units based on what territories you occupy at the beginning of your turn. You receive 5 units at a minimum, plus an additional bonus unit for each Horded country you own. A country is considered Horded when you also own all of the countries adjacent to it.

You do not need to place all the armies you have on the territories you own before proceeding to attacking. You may store up to 40 armies in reserve and may return to placement at any time during your turn to put those reserve armies into play.

[edit] Attack

Now that you have placed all your units you can choose to try to attack your enemies and capture their territories. To do so click on one of your territories (it must have 2 or more armies in it) and then click on an adjacent enemy territory. You can select how many units you want to attack with (up to 3).

[edit] Capturing a territory
After a successful attack you are allowed a "Free Transfer" to move more armies from the country you attacked from.
[edit] Eliminating Players
If you happen to capture a players last remaining territory he/she will be eliminated from the game. You will be rewarded with 20 armies in your reserve. You may return to the placement phase and put those armies in play, or you may keep them there until you need them in a later turn. If you eliminate the last other remaining player you win!

[edit] Transfer

You are allowed three transfers of units from one of your territories to any adjacent territory that you also own. You may make these transfers at any time during your turn, and may return to placement or attack after making them. Once you have made 3 transfers, clicking done from the attack screen or the transfer screen will end your turn.

[edit] Variations

Hordes! is fun being played with a variety of rule sets or graphics packages. One set of particularly interesting rules variation are for 2-person teams with light fog and team transfer. An indication that the game rules have been modified is the a red "[C]" located in the game table name. Also, check out the Game Mods that people have made that alter the rules in various ways.

Collectors Edition
Collectors Edition

Collector's Edition The Collector's Edition of the map includes graphics designed to resemble a hand-drawn map on parchment, with a wood grain background and brass or gold clasps holding it all in place, the oceans and players colors appear as watercolor, and the rules are summarized in a fountain pen font on the map image. This is considered the base version, and ranked games are played on it.

v1.1 Graphics Mod
v1.1 Graphics Mod

v1.1 Graphics Mod Hordes! can also be played on a version of the map using a graphics package that many complained was too plain, but was popular enough to warrant including as a mod. All the rules are the same, however, ranked matches can not be played.

Teams Hordes! is especially fun when played with a teammate. Take note, though, that your countries will not be considered Horded if they are bordered by a teammate's country. For this reason, it is not recommended that you play games with teams of 3 or larger. In such cases, your teammates are as likely to harm your efforts as help them.

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