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There is a new scheme for handling boots on


[edit] What are boots?

First of all what are boots? Being booted from a game is to be forcibly removed from a game because you were not taking your turn in the agreed amount of time. To be booted first the "vote out" time must have been reached AND you have to be unanimously voted out by all active players in a game. As long as you make your move by the agreed upon "vote out" time you can not be booted from a game. Usually if you mention you won't be able to make your move in time (maybe because you're out of town on vacation for example) even if the "vote out" time is reached people will not vote you out.

[edit] What effect does having a boot have on my account?

Warfish keeps track of two values with relation to boots.

  1. the total number of boots.
  2. what we call "boot expiring".

"Boot expiring" is a new date field on your profile that tells everyone that you have gotten a boot recently. Basically when you get a boot your account is put on "boot expiring" for a certain period of time and your account profile is updated to show when your "boot expiring" expires. During the time your account is on "boot expiring" you will not receive any open/ranked game invites nor any tournament invites however your account with otherwise function normally.

[edit] Why expire boots?

The new "boot expiring" scheme and was created in response to feedback that people were feeling they weren't getting enough invites after they had been booted a couple times and felt that this permanent lack of invites for their account was a bummer (myself included since I inadvertently got a boot or two).

The idea behind "boot expiring" is to create a system where boots no longer affect a profile in a permanent way, but instead the effects of being booted expire after a while so that the account is still usable. On the other hand it is still not recommended to get many boots because the probationary period is cumulative, if you have a lot of boots it will take a significant time for the effects to expire.

Btw, the reason for the reduced number of invites is that game hosts generally start open/ranked games select people with "no boots". In an effort to try to lessen the penalty for getting an inadvertent boot, this value is now defaulting to people with boots are ok.

[edit] Comprehensive list of boot effects

Here is how it works now:

  1. Number of boots counter incremented on user profile when you receive a boot
  2. Players can still decide they don't want to include players with boots in their open/ranked games but the create game page now always defaults to "Players with boots are ok too"
  3. For tournaments, Warfish does not exclude players from the tournament invite list unless they are on "boot watch" or if they have 20 or more boots.
  4. When you receive a boot you are put on "boot expiring"
1st through 3rd boot adds 14 days each to your "boot expiring" date
4th through 10th boot adds 30 days each to your "boot expiring" date
11th or more adds 90 days each to your "boot watch" date
For example if you had 0 boots and received 2 back to back boots you would be put on "boot expiring" for 28 days (2 * 14). If you got 2 more then another 44 days ( 1 * 14 + 1 * 30) would be added to your boot watch date.
When you are on "boot expiring" you will not see any open/ranked game invites nor will you be listed in the list of possible tournament invitees when hosts are creating tournaments. If you are invited to a tournament directly by profile id that will still work.

[edit] The old system

Just for reference so we can compare the two systems here is how it worked before:

  1. Number of boots counter incremented on user profile when you receive a boot
  2. Create game page defaulted to only invite "never been booted" people if the game host had also never been booted (which is most people). Several of the settings work this way defaulting to attributes that best matched the game hosts play characteristics.
  3. Tournament invite page did not display any person in the list of possible invites if they had 3 or more boots.

There was no mechanism of expiring. So basically what was happening was that when someone got their first boot they immediately stopped getting invites because of #2... and then if they got a couple more they would stop getting tournament invites too. It was expecially a bummer since it was a permanent condition for the account. Once this situation was reviewed fully.. it was clear that sure it is a bummer when a person to jams up a couple games but it didn't make sense to completely handicap the account forever for it... so this "boot expiring" system was put in place to try to address this.

--Steven 14:58, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Feedback

Please let me know what you think either through sending feedback or through the discussion tab on this page.

The problem with this is that Boots are still permanent (just like Surrenders). I propose that instead of a strict Boot/Surrender counter, it is a Boot/Surrender in the last 3 months (possibly could be set to 6 months) counter. If a person has not had a Boot or a Surrender in that time frame, then it as if the person never had a Boot/Surrender. The filter for the person would be reset and therefore they would be able to join any Ranked/Open game even if Boots/Surrenders are not allowed. Similarly, it is possible that the Boot Expiring functionality should have a max of 3-6 months (maybe 3 months unless they get to 10+ Boots and then max is 6 months). The reasoning for this is that one week (or even 2-3 days) of not being able to set a Vacation Timer and therefore getting Boots could easily affect the next year+ of Warfish. I agree there should be a penalty for Boots, but there should be a forgiveness range and not necessarily detriment the rest of a person's time on Warfish. --Yertle 16:45, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
I see your point regarding the the permanence of the effects of the filter when other hosts are starting games. I guess the filter could be changed to be "No boots in the last 6 months" vs "Boots are ok"... instead of what it is currently ("No boots" vs "Boots ok"). Would that about address the issue? --Steven 18:13, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
I think that would address the issue, I think it could address the Surrender issue too if possible. --Yertle 18:30, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
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