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Warfish is the result of the efforts of thousands of people who contribute to Warfish by playing games, inviting friends, teaching people how to play, promoting Warfish, brainstorming and suggesting ideas, designing games, writing game reviews, reporting bugs, becoming Plus Members, etc. If you enjoy Warfish and would like to learn how to get more involved there are many ways to do so. While supporting Warfish or the game designers on Warfish monetarily is appreciated, you may not be ready to do so... this page describes some ways on how to contribute to Warfish (monetarily and otherwise).


[edit] Play Games

If you're reading this you're probably doing this already, thanks and keep up the good work! Contributing to a project has never been easier :). Seriously speaking, playing games on Warfish helps make it better in many ways, two examples are: playing games introduces new people to Warfish and playing games provides "passive feedback".

Perhaps the most obvious way playing games helps contribute to warfish is growing the community of people who play, i.e. introducing new people to Warfish. Getting people to try anything new can be a lot of work (even if it is "fun"), especially if it involves learning something new.

Also, playing games provides "passive feedback" as to what features are working, what features people like, what game boards people like and also contant testing to uncover the dreaded "server error" (which by the way are logged and analyzed regularly to find and fix problems, so you may have noticed some games "fixing themselves"). An example of this "passive feedback" is when game boards are first published, some have a growing user base within a couple days while some are barely tried by a few people. By monitoring this "passive feedback" a game designer can see what types of game boards people are more interested in.

[edit] Send feedback

While "passive feedback" from playing games is helpful, direct feedback has been central to the development of Warfish. Feedback can be used to report bugs, make suggestions, comment, question, complain, just say what a good time you're having, etc. Hopefully, anyone who has sent in feedback has seen how their feedback impacts the site. From bug reports to casual suggestions to wishful thinking about new features feedback is extremely useful. Feedback is so important to Warfish that a feedback link is included at the top of every page to make it as easy as possible for you to send feedback.

[edit] Write game board reviews

After you've finished playing a game board you can write a game review for it. Game roard reviews serve two purposes. Firstly, early on in the game board development they provide feedback to game designers and can help them refine their game boards in much the same way that sending feedback to Warfish has helped make a better site. Secondly, board reviews help give other users more information about a particular game board whether they are deciding to purchase a game board or if they even just debating whether or not to start a game using a particular game board. As appreciation for sharing your opinions everytime you write a review for a game board you haven't reviewed before you're entered into a free Plus Membership drawing

[edit] Promote Warfish

Warfish Recruiting Networks is a relatively new feature built in response to some feedback from users about how they were concerned about sharing their email address on public message boards to meet new players. Now you can create a personal URL that you can post online that allows people to request an invite. The great thing about having a personal URL to promote Warfish with is that you can track the effects of your promotional efforts, i.e. view the network of people who signed up because of your url! Also, if you're trying to meet more people to play you can setup your recruiting URL to give you first dibs on inviting your recruits to a new game. To get started to go Settings > Recruit.

[edit] Train new players

Providing a way for people to request an invite via Warfish Recruiting Networks is only half of introducing a new player to Warfish. Actually introducing a new person (i.e. inviting a player to play their first game) is the second half of the process. Whether or not you've set up a Warfish Recruiting Network you can welcome new users to the site. When there is someone new waiting to be invited to a game a special box will appear on the create game table page allowing you to add them to a new game. This is an important ways to contribute to Warfish since you'll be part of that users first impression of the Warfish and they'll need your help along learning how to play and what makes Warfish fun.

[edit] Update the Warfish Wiki

The manual for Warfish is user maintained so if you find any errors, articles that need to be written or pages of the Warfish wiki that are not available in your language please help out by updating the Warfish Wiki to find out more about how check out WarfishWiki:Community Portal

[edit] Buy a game from a Plus Member

When you buy a game board you not only get access to a game board, but you support the Warfish user who invested their own time in developing a game for Warfishers to play. Each game board's price is set by the game designer and they receive the money for the game (minus PayPal commissions and Warfish hosting fee). Buying boards from game designers helps to encourage people to make more and better games for us to play. Check out the Games Directory to see what is available.

[edit] Join Warfish Plus

Warfish Plus Membership is the main way to contribute monetarily directly to Warfish. When you become a Plus Member you are directly helping to keep the site running by helping to pay for development, hosting and support costs. In addition to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from contributing, Plus Members have access to some extra features on Warfish.

[edit] Design games

Using the Warfish design tools (available only to Plus Members), you can add on to Warfish itself by creating your own games on Warfish to play with your friends, to share with other Warfishers or to try to sell. The design tools not only provide the mechanism for you to create game boards but also allow you to efficiently connect with the community of users who are on Warfish to test your designs and collect feedback to help you refine your game designs.

If you have any questions, bugs or feedback please send

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