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When a person is booted, it often benefits players with adjacent territories. Currently, when a person is direct-booted, there is no way to tell who did the deed. I suggest that the game history say "booted by Player X" instead of just "booted." That way, if someone direct-boots because it benefits their position, they are liable to get Stinky Fish on their profile.

Somewhat related, I suggest a 2/3 majority--not a unanimous vote--would be needed to boot a player or accept a surrender. PennHoosier 17:30, 13 August 2008 (UTC)

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[edit] Discussion

  • The one problem I see with this suggestion is, how do you determine that the person who did the direct boot actually did it to benefit his/her position? I've done direct boots numerous times as the host of various tournaments, and if it happened to benefit my position (should I actually still be alive in the tournie), it wouldn't have been intentional. On the flip-side, when a person direct boots during a team game for his/her own benefits, then it's not just against the one player but the team that player was on in which case it would benefit more than just the booter.
  • If this suggestion is implemented, then perhaps a harsher punishment besides just a stinky fish on the profile (which can be hidden) should be given. Perhaps if the player is found guilty (by setting requirements or by meeting certain criteria), then he/she could be put on probation somehow (i.e. boot count increased w/out actually being booted or not being allowed to create new games/tournaments for a period of time).
  • As for putting a 2/3 majority requirement on accepting a surrender, I believe that's already in effect. There is a requirement for direct booting in that the player already has to have been booted out 3 times or more, so perhaps the number can be changed based on how many players are in each game. (2-4 players, 3 times booted; 5-9 players, 4 times booted; 10-14 players, 5 times booted; 15+ players, 6 times booted). --Step.On.Me 01:32, 26 October 2008 (UTC)
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