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Illinois map
Illinois map
Illinois is a county map of the State of Illinois, in the Midwestern United States, made by Maelstrom.


[edit] Background

This is a geographical county map of Illinois.

[edit] Gameplay

Not much feedback from first tournament, but the rules in v1.5 were definitely a problem, since the team to go first almost always won. Starting new tourney with more standard rules.

[edit] Strategy

Mind your armies, there aren't a lot of choke-points, so make sure your front is secure.

[edit] Team Games

Will fill this in later

[edit] Free-for-alls

Will fill this in later

[edit] The Element of Luck

Always a factor. With abandon turned on, you need to be careful about attacking until you've annihilated yourself.

[edit] Version History

Version 1.5, the initial public release.
Version 1.6, changed default rules to more "standard" team rules. ie - no infinite fortifies / return to attack. Read the reviews for version 1.6

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