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Designer: asm
Type: Geographical
Countries: 43 (Medium)
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[edit] Background

Indonesia is asm's only published map. It took him eons to design and release because he only knows how to use MS Paint but is nonetheless a perfectionist who cannot abide a single misplaced pixel. It's not often played but does tend to play well with small groups (4-6 players) who prefer a slower-moving style of game. Indonesia is currently one of the most highly rated games on Warfish, due in large part to its specialized nature and infrequent play.

[edit] Gameplay

Indonesia has proportionately more continents per territory than usual (9 to 43 respectively; compare Classic Risk 7 to 42), tha majority having few access points. Continent bonuses are attuned to number of territories and access points per group. Cards are fixed at 5 and a moderate elimination bonus is implemented in the ranked mod released by the designer to encourage thoughtful play. It's considered a fairly good map to use to introduce beginners to Warfish because it encourages chokepoint-style play with tactical defensive maneuvers and is one of the very easiest maps to read and interpret.

[edit] Strategy

A common misconception is that the Philippines, with a +2 bonus and only one chokepoint, are overpowered and the surest route to victory. More perceptive players will notice that the Philippines is not ideal as a power base, as the only way out is onto Borneo, the largest and most difficult continent to hold. Intuitive players may realize that the parallels to Australia in the default gameboard extend further than may at first be apparent - the one difference being that with two additional small to medium sized continents available for conquest on the board, players that focus elsewhere have the ability to excel quickly. Creative players will also notice various favorable chokepoint combinations allowing one to extend a defensive position across three or more continents without adding substantially to the number of reinforcement points required.

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