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Liberty City is a map based on the Grand Theft Auto IV video game. Titles and card images may be tickling the bounds of Copyright issues, so consider this map free advertising for Rockstar Games, and go buy the game for Playstation 3 or XBox 360.


[edit] Copyright Discussion

Due to the potential copyright concerns with this board, I do not think I will be placing it for sale until a time arises that I am confident that those concerns are eliminated or mitigated in some way. I am okay with sharing the board since there is no money involved.

These are the issues I see:

  • Use of game box art for cards
  • Use of character names as "colors"
  • Use of proper names such as "Liberty City," "Happiness Island," and the various other neighborhood names.
  • Use of the map outline itself. I am less concerned about this one, but you never know.

I realize these could be addressed simply by doing something else to replace them, but that takes away from the premise (and also requires more creativity on my part).

So if anyone has anything they'd like to contribute to this discussion, feel free. I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this.

I recently came across a copyright problem myself. I was working on a fantasy map based on the series of books called The Ranger's Apprentice, and since I was concerned about copyright issues with the map, I e-mailed the author. He replied and said that he couldn't give me permission to use the map because the copyright belongs to the artist who drew it as well as to Random House Australia (the publishing company in Australia).
You might try contacting whomever you got the original pictures for the cards & map outline first and see what they say about the copyright issues. As for the character & proper names, you might try contacting Rockstar Games (or Take Two Interactive since Rockstar Games is a subsidiary of them) directly for permission.
Hope this helps! --Step.On.Me 23:17, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

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