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Basic Demo Board aka pre-beta Board
Basic Demo Board aka pre-beta Board is an open-ended wargaming platform which provides everything you need to design and play games, i.e. both game play features for gamers to play games as well as full set of game design tools for game designers to create innovative new games. This wiki, WarfishWiki, contains all the documentation for

Getting Started

Message Boards


Here is a directory of most of the information contained in the WarfishWiki.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Just what you would think. Check out this part of the Warfish Wiki if you're trying to find simple answers to simple questions. Most of the other parts of the dirrectory will address more specific issues, so FAQ is a good place to get an answer to a general question.

User Guide - Tutorials, Howtos, etc.

So you're not sure how to go about making a map of your own? This is the place! Get a step-by-step description of how to do things as simple as starting a new game to creating a bot.

Reference Manual - Describes what each feature does or is.

Not exactly sure what a setting in your profile does? Look it up here. All the settings should have a fairly nice description. If you can't find a description for the setting you're looking for, then post a request to get information and the setting will soon be added to the library of information.

Game Boards - Rules and strategy tips about the various games boards.

Completely confused? Have no idea how a board works or what are the special tweaks that a board has? Here is a library of boards and a detail summary of how they work.

Enhancement Suggestions - Suggest a New Feature

Do you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement for Warfish? Add it to the list here and maybe someday your idea will become reality! Check out Recent Enhancements to see what has been updated recently.

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