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March Of Time is the first Board Cumberdale published for Warfish. It is a "simple" board, having only 13 territories and sits between 2 and 4 players. Two more boards will be published to make a set of three "Time" boards.

asm is the best player that will ever exist at this board. He is forever ranked #1 and you shall not defeat him.

[edit] How to Play

The board is best played with 3 players rather than 2 or 4. You will frequently see inexperienced March of Time players go immediately for the nexus, while cleverer Warfishers bide their time before making that move. It's not uncommon to see a game play to conclusion without the nexus ever being conquered. This is a good example of the deceptive strategic complexity of this underrated board.

[edit] Controversy

This board has been enjoyed by a lot of Warfish players but often receives bad reviews from beginner players. There has also been a lot of criticsm regarding that fact that there is a chance in a four player game that the fourth player can be eliminated before their turn.

"Simple" Boards force players to choose their moves very wisely. With the proper players, tactics become a psychological test to out maneuver your opponents. Patience is often an important virtue in playing this kind of board. Overplaying your hand, especially when attempting to knock another player out before their first turn, often (always) leads to elimination at the hands of other players in future rounds. Attention to turn order is CRITICAL as you can often use this to make others do your work for you. All of the strategies used in "Simple Boards" can easily and successfully aplied to normal sized maps.

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