Max Units Unlimited Unless Otherwise Stated

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[edit] Explanation

While the limitation of units per territory is not a very common feature in Warfish boards currently published, I think that another option would be helpful while designing boards to make use of this option. Within the rules tab for designing games, there is an option to have unlimited, a specific number or "use board defined". While I like use board defined, on a map with 200+ territories, it would be nice to be able to set a general number across the board and then say unless otherwise specified. For example, you could set every territory to 10 units max by default, and then handpick a few to hold only 8 or 6 or 14, etc. Maybe the way to approach it is by making a default unit count option built into the max units function. Not sure if any of this is possible, and its certainly not a big deal but it could be helpful in some cases.

--Cumberdale 9:17, 4 June 2008 MDT

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