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This is a little experiement, creating a general Warfish message board and a WarfishWiki Message board using the wiki message boards feature. This page describes how to post / use the message board. If you already know how to use wiki message boards / discussion tabs you may want to just click over to Talk:Message Board to get to the action.

View Message Board

View WarfishWiki Message Board


[edit] Discussion Tab

With a wiki you can use any page as a place to communicate since anyone can edit any page, however there is a convention of using the discussion tab for talking to other users i.e. "message boards".

Message board is actually inside the discussion tab
Message board is actually inside the discussion tab

You can check out what is on this general message board by clicking on the discussion tab for this page.

[edit] Discussion Formatting

Other than the locaton of the message boards in the discussion tab, the formatting of the discussion pages is important to making them "work". Here is what a discussion topic looks like:

Sample Discussion Topic
Sample Discussion Topic

and its what it looks like while being editted:

Sample edit shoing colons for indenting
Sample edit shoing colons for indenting

This can be seen "live" on the Sandbox Discussion Tab. You can see that each discussion topic is simply a regular wiki section header created by wrapping a word in double equals signs "== Discussion Topic==" and the structure of the thread is formed by useing colons to properly indent your messages.

[edit] Discussion Signature

Finally the last part that makes wiki message boards work is signing the end of each of your messages with your username and timestamp.

Message signature with timestamp
Message signature with timestamp

This would be a real pain if we had to do it manually. Fortunately wiki provides some shortcuts for message boards. You can either manually type "--~~~~" or you can use the signature button shortcut to sign each of your messages.

Signature shortcut button
Signature shortcut button

[edit] Message Board Notifications

So now you know how to post messages to the wiki message board. How do you get notified when messages are posted? Wiki also has a general feature that works for all pages that can be applied here. You just have to "watch" the page.

Make sure you're viewing the discussion tab when you click on the watch tab otherwise you'll be watching this Message Board information page rather than the discussion board itself.

Once you're watching a page you can view any changes to any watched pages. By using the "my watchlist" link at the top of the page

My Watchlist link can be used as an inbox for personal messages and messageboards
My Watchlist link can be used as an inbox for personal messages and messageboards

You can basically use this as an email "Inbox" by checking it each time you visit the wiki. Since you can have your private messages watched as well it will all be visible in your watchlist.

If you want to be notified via email when any page you've watched is changed you can:

  1. register an email address wiki WarfishWiki
  2. enable email me when pages I've watched are changed and then

You can see on this preferences screenshot the form space for entering your email address as well as the checkbox for enabling email notifications for watched pages. Now all you have to do is select the page you want to be notified. In this case we would want to be notified when changes to the discussion tab on this message board page changes

[edit] Private Messaging

There are two ways to message other users directly on this message board from within the wiki. The conventional "wiki way" would be to click on the users Talk page (which is like the discussion tab for users). You can get there either by going to the users page first and then clicking on the discussion tab

User page discussion tab
User page discussion tab

or by clicking on talk links that are sometimes located next to a user's login. For example, in change logs

One unique feature about a user's discussion tab is that it has its own checkbox in the options page to be watched and is automatically "watched" when you register your email address

User's discussion pages are great if you don't mind your private messages to be public. However, there are some cases when you'd just want to communicate directly with a particular user privately. The second way to message a user is by using the Email user feature, which will send an email to the user but keep both your and their email address private

Emailing a user only works though if both you and the other user have registered an email address with WarfishWiki.

[edit] Conclusion

Hopefully the discussion tab on this page will be a good way for Warfishers to connect. One thing to notice though is that since all the features that make this message board "work" are general wiki features they can be used on any page, since they all have discussion tabs built in. So if you've got a particular page or topic in the WarfishWiki you want to discuss there are already places to do so right there.

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