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Mobs of New York is a gang-war game based on a map of New York City.



[edit] Description

It's the battle for New York! Fight through the boroughs of New York City and eastern New Jersey in your quest for domination of Liberty City.

The airports can attack other airports but defend with 7 sided dice.

The continent bonuses are color coded. In addition, owning an entire borough (identified by the color coded mini-map) gives an additional bonus of 5. Players will need to modify their strategy and scramble to prevent others from obtaining big bonus reinforcements.

The cards are New York crime family bosses, and the wild card is the infamous John Gotti.

Mobs of New York is currently one of the most highly rated games on Warfish.

[edit] About

Mobs of New York is a map of New York City (to scale). In addition to normal territory bonuses, additional bonuses are obtained by controlling complete boroughs. It is interesting to note that Mobs of New York is apparently one of the most popular Warfish boards and recently surpassed 250 total sales.

Creating a map of New York City was an obvious choice given the city's well-defined neighborhoods. The +5 bonus for the individual boroughs was a logical choice as they are all well-known from when they existed separately before merging into the current metropolis around the turn of the 19th century. While the portion of New Jersey is not a borough, I decided to include it for multiple reasons, such as making more effective use of the space, and providing more territories and paths.

This board also marks the first complete usage of my current graphical scheme. Originally growing out of a concept similar to Vlad's boards, I decided that the gray backgrounds were fairly bland, so I spiced them up a bit. The glow/shaded borders for the land and water represents the natural evolution of my Photoshop skills.

The "Mobs" theme was more of an afterthought. I had no better ideas for cards or color names, and the "Gangs of New York" theme seemed like something decent that would give me plenty to use.

[edit] Gameplay

Gameplay is fairly standard. The airports add the ability to shift quickly between sides of the map if needed. One of the more common complaints is the ease of taking and defending Staten Island. While these comments have merit, I do not personally believe it is a major issue, as there are certainly effective tactics to prevent the bonus from being obtained in the first place, or offsetting the bonus with other areas. Players that disagree are welcome to create a mod of the map to add functionality more to their liking.

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