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The mod design tool provides a way for a game designer or any other user to create modifications of a game board on There are many reasons why someone would want to create game mods:

  1. Bug fixing. Someone might want to fix a bug on a game board.
  2. Variations. If you think certain rules would work better on a particular board you can create mods so that everyone can play the version you think works best.
  3. Scenarios. You may want to create a particular scenario for a specific number of players. For example, a war reenactment where all the starting positions of armies is defined. or perhaps a scenario where everyone starts with a particular home base and needs to explore and expand out.
  4. Collaborative game design. This is one of the more interesting aspects of using mods. Since game mods can include various parts from other game mods and different users have different interests and skills you might create a game as a shell and rely on others to create the artwork or play test the rules or decide on how the territories should be linked together.

To get started you just find an existing mod you want to copy or a board you would like to mod and click on Create a mod

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